How To Use The HexBumper

Watch The Video Below

To learn how to use the HexBumper! Recently, we've gotten some questions on the correct application of the HexBumper to hex plates, as well as how to properly store and use the device. Check out the video demonstration below to see how to wrap the HexBumper around a hex plate as well as how to store it without risking it breaking. After your done, review the Key Takeaways below the video to recap what you've learned. Happy Lifting! HexBumper NextGen note: Step #3 changes based on the new design of the product. See below.


Key Takeaways


#1: Make Sure The Pin Is In Place

Make sure that you've partially inserted the pin into the side of the HexBumper that has two hinges before you attempt to do anything else. If you don't have the pin partially inserted in the side with two hinges before you wrap your plate, it will be extremely difficult to apply the HexBumper correctly.


#2: Match Up The Edges

Make sure that when you go to put your hex plate into your HexBumper, the flat part of the hex plate is centered in a segment of the HexBumper. It is crucial that the corners of the hex plate match up with the hinges of the segment into which you insert the plate. You'll see why as you wrap the HexBumper around the plate--if they are not aligned perfectly, you won't be able to join the final two links together at the end and you'll need to start over.

HexBumper NextGen Edit: The flat parts no longer match up with flat parts of links. For the new model, the corner of the hex plate sits in the middle of each link.


#3: Apply Outward Force & Have Zero Slack

As you wrap your plate, consistently apply outward force to ensure that there is absolutely no slack. The HexBumper is designed to fit the shape of the hex plate perfectly, so if there is any slack as you apply the HexBumper to the hex plate, it will not make it all the way around, and the final two links will not meet. If you attempt to wrap your HexBumper around a plate, and the two links do not meet, DO NOT ATTEPT TO PUSH THEM TOGETHER: This could break your HexBumper. Instead, start the process from the beginning and make a conscious effort to have zero slack as you wrap it around the plate.


#4: Lift Easier

Once you apply your HexBumper to the plate, you'll see a world of difference in your powerlifting routine. Not only will you be making even floor contact to eliminate the risk of plate shifting as they hit the ground, you'll find it much easier to add additional hex plates to your barbell in between sets!