HexBumpers are the Preferred Solution over Bumper Plates 

  • Cost Effectiveness

    The average cost to outfit an entire facility with bumper plates is THOUSANDS more than using HexBumpers.

  • Space Saving

    Available space in any facility is limited, HexBumper is the perfect fit for even the most crowded gym.

  • Increased Protection

    Prolong the life of your flooring and weights while reducing injury risk of your members.

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Upgrade with Ease

Bumper Plates are expensive. Upgrading means selling off or throwing away your existing Hex Plates, HexBumper is the solution!

  • Junior L., Gym Owner

    "For years, our clients had to avoid performing heavy olympic lifts due to the hex plates we inherited, but with HexBumper we are able to transform those into functional bumper plates for a fraction of cost!"

  • Stefan S., Franchise Sales Rep

    "I've dealt for years with the headaches of completely reoutfitting facilities with bumper plates, its costly and typically drags out. With HexBumper, I can help facilities turn their Hex Plates into bumper plates overnight!"

  • Colton R., Fitness Franchisee

    "As a Franchisee, I adopted the available equipment that came with the facility purchase and for years the customers complained about our hex plates but I was in no position to purchase brand new sets of bumper plates so HexBumper truly is a gamechanger!"

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Wholesale & Partnerships

Interested in purchasing bulk orders at wholesale rates or want to discuss partnering with us? Submit your information in the form below with what you are interested in discussing and we will reach out to you with more information.