Smoother & More Enjoyable Lifts!


    Intuitively designed to wrap around your hex plate with ease


    With a smooth surface, you're now able to apply more focus on your form and bar path


    HexBumper allows extra plates to simply slide on/off of the barbell with ease

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Improve Your Powerlift

HexBumper is a custom engineered weightlifting product specially designed for 12-sided hex plates that wraps around the hex plate to create a completely round shape more aligned with competitive equipment, allowing you to focus on your workout.

Ergonomic Design

HexBumper is designed to give you a smooth and even surface with your traditional hex plates. It easily applies around the outer perimeter of the plate making it well worth the 30 seconds to provide a proper bar path throughout each repetition.

  • "Best Investment I've made in a long time! My Brother borrowed them and said they were life-changing in the gym!"

    Mike P.

  • "These were worth every penny! It's my new favorite gym equipment! Perfect for Deadlift and Hip Thrusters!"

    Katarina M.

  • "The design is perfect, it has genuienly helped my form and lifts so much! It truly solves a problem that most of us encounter."

    Steve S.

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Traditional Hex Plate Design Negatively Affects Traditional Lifts

HexBumper Gives You a Smooth and Even Surface to Enhance Your Lifts

Getting Started with HexBumper

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