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HexBumper NextGen

HexBumper NextGen

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HexBumper NextGen is designed and manufactured in the USA!

This product features a redesigned and carefully engineered structure that boasts the following upgrades:

  • Easier application to hex plates
  • More convenient transportation to and from the gym
  • Strategic link design to better absorb impact and increase durability

Each set comes with 2 HexBumpers (one for each side of the barbell)

From Gym Bag to Weight Plate in Seconds!

Fully patented with the USPTO.

Only compatible with 12-sided Iron Grip brand 45-lb weight plates. Consider purchasing the HexBumper Carrying Case for best care.

What You Get

- Each set comes with 2 HexBumpers (one for each side of the barbell)

- Each set also comes with a drawstring bag for transportation


- Approx. 4 lbs total weight

- Approx. 0.5" increased bar height

Shipping & Returns

All orders ship out within one (1) Business Day. All Customers have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - if you aren't 100% satisfied, send it back for a full refund.

Care Instructions

Only compatible with 12-sided Iron Grip brand 45-lb weight plates. Consider purchasing the HexBumper Carrying Case for best care.

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Turn Every Hex Plate into a Bumper Plate

HexBumper is a custom engineered weightlifting product specially designed for 12-sided hex plates that wraps around the hex plate to create a completely round shape more aligned with competitive equipment, allowing you to focus on your workout.

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Halliwell
Recent purchase

My son recommended I get these for my deadlifts and they work great. I belong to a gym (LA Fitness) that only has hex plates so this product is a real game saver. It works just as described as long as you place the plate properly into the bumpers at the start. The video they sent after my purchase made it easy to figure out. Of course, you need to carry these with every workout, so as long as you don't mind a little extra baggage along, you'll love the product. I recommend.

Must buy

If you’ve come across this product you’ve obviously been looking for a solution that brought many of us here. That being the damn instability of hex plates while deadlifting. Maybe someone is doing some oly lifting or something of that spirit but either way… the basic need for something to stop the bar from shifting and messing up your setup between every rep… this product is the answer. I deadlift relatively heavy and would either have to touch and go or reset in between every set. Now I have perfect set up for every rep. No wobble whatsoever… they’re a few pounds so make sure you’re accounting for the added weight when you start getting into your pr ranges. They are easy to use once you get used to them. They are pretty snug so sometimes have to really give them a focused tug but I also find if you take some extra time to pull out the slack on them as you wrap the plate they almost always line up within a mm or 2. They are a game changer for sure and I highly recommend for anyone that takes the deadlift seriously.

Shoutout also for the customer service. Jeremy is accessible and sent out pins to me after losing a few. Very cool product with great service!

Must have if you Train at LA Fitness...Buy it, buy it,buy it now!

I used to go to a "hard-core"gym: Power-lifting equipment, Strongman gear, and most importantly-- competition Kilo plates. Sadly, I had to move away from that location and into an apartment; with not enough room to have my own "home Gym". So...I joined a local "Gym"--LA fitness, sadly. To be blunt: LA fitness is just...okay (average)--but what kills the "LA fitness" EXPERIENCE is when training the "big three". At LA Fitness,the Dead-lift is significantly compromised DUE TO THE FACT that LA Fitness only has Hex weight plates. "Hex Plates" SUCK--are just freaking awful for Dead-lifting and downright DANGEROUS. When I was told about the Hex Bumper, I was completely blown away. Not only does it solve the Hex-plate disaster, it makes taking off six plates of 45's very convenient--just like a dead-lift jack.


Durable and effective for making deadlifts safer, more enjoyable and helps your form. The support videos and materials are useful as well.


Works as well as you are hoping