Enhance the Way You Powerlift

Enhance the Way You Powerlift

HexBumper was created to enhance your lifting experience. Now you can solely focus on good form and proper technique.

Having even floor contact is crucial for keeping good form during deadlifts, powercleans, pendlay rows, or any other exercise where the weight makes repeated contact with the ground. HexBumper allows the weight to drop steadily without wobbling back and forth. It helps prevent against shin injury and increased spinal tension. They are lightweight, durable, and portable which gives you the versatility to work out on any floorspace.


HexBumper was designed after founder, Jeremy Sites, was fed up with how traditional hex plates negatively affected his training. He found enough people who were bothered by doing deadlifts and powercleans with hex plates. He noticed that even he started to avoid them altogether when all his local gyms carried them. Instead of joining a new gym or coming up with an improvised way to be able to do his favorite exercises, he created the HexBumper as a more practical solution to the difficulties with hex plates. Whether lifters have recognized this problem or not, his goal is to provide an opportunity to have safe and effective workouts regardless of their gym.



HexBumper is designed to give you a smooth and even surface with your traditional hex plates. It easily applies around the outer perimeter of the plate making it well worth the 30 seconds to provide a proper bar path throughout each repetition.

The flat surface makes sure that as the weights come into contact with the floor, it’s giving you a straight bar path for your next lift.


An added perk in our design is that by slightly raising the barbell 1/2" off the ground, it makes for sliding plates on and off the barbell a breeze! No more lifting up the bar for each plate you're adding, simply slide it on with ease.


Whether you’re just getting started or have been lifting for years, HexBumper makes a great addition to your gym bag. We believe athletes deserve the best gear to keep them safe and achieve their fitness goals - And we’re super proud to have a product that does both.

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